To all the wonderful people who have donated so far – you are all, truly, wonderful.

I am so overwhelmed that we reached our initial goal of $5000, and we promise you an amazing event, with amazing art, and amazing people.

Right now, we are in the process of applying for a 501c.3 and hoping to expand this program into something much bigger. As you’ve read, we are heavily integrating ourselves with the LA Art community as not only a means of increasing the amount of art but improving the quality of life in downtown (for now). Eventually, we want to develop partnerships with more schools, homeless nonprofits, prisons, and different community organizations that will help us foster a space for artists to thrive. There’s a voice hidden behind all of us, and we want to let it be heard.

While we reached our goal, any extra money will help us reach our goal in enriching downtown LA.
Please keep spreading the word here:
And of course, see you at the show!!